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      1. May 26  • 

        Hope, History, and the Land: An Interview With Tosh Sherkat

        Tosh Sherkat is a writer attending the University of Victoria. He was raised in Nelson, BC (Sinixt and Ktunaxa territory). His writing has appeared...

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        May 4  • 

        What We Both Know: Hannah Macready Interviews Fawn Parker

        In front of me are hundreds of pages of work. Already I feel it leaving me. He will obliterate what is there, replace it, deny I ever wrote a...

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        April 1  • 

        Anuja Varghese Reviews Short Story Collections By Jack Wang and Silmy Abdullah for EVENT 50/2

        Anuja Varghese Reviews: Jack Wang, We Two Alone, House of Anansi Press, 2020Silmy Abdullah, Home of the Floating Lily, Dundurn Press,...

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        March 15  • 

        Suspension, Some Dread, A Lifeline: Rob Taylor Interviews Neil Surkan

        Reservoir – Neil Surkan Carp lurk through suburbs when runoff jumps the dam, sucksmanhole covers up like corks, slopswallpaper with septic...

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